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A Symbiosis For Financial Independence!

Who We Are

So what is this all about?! As I stated already, my name is Mark C. Pendleton. I am a Christian. That means that I have committed my life to Jesus Christ as my savior. As such much of what I do is to try to present the very clearest picture of the life of Christ. My relationship motivates me to do the many things I am trying to do. I also am a minister, an evangelist, an educator (25 plus years) and an entreprenuer. As such I am the founder and CEO of several businesses and online programs most of which are designed to make YOUR bottom financial line one that is rewarding. As a minister/evangelist I have developed a world-oriented ministry to try to present Jesus in a light that most people do not consider when thinking of Hiim. It is because of that ministry that all the programs I have established have come into existence. To get a clue as to that ministry I would ask you to click the banner below to see for yourself what that ministry is all about.

As I also stated I was a "write-in" candidate for President of the United States during the 2012 election. As we are all aware I did not win, But I have re-issued my paperwork for the 2016 election and the ballot for which I will be on as an Independent candidate. If you would like to visit my website to gather an understanding of my platform and seeing my direction just click the following banner link.

I developed Jobs4Profit in an attempt to sway the masses and help them understand that the status-quo of political rhetoric and actions ARE NOT the way to repair/restore our economy. This program promises 100 million Americans a second chance by contracting with them to spend a mere 5 hours a week working on the Internet and providing for themselves a MINIMUM Base income of $25,000 annually. That level of participation is ABSOLUTELY FREE. any upgrades are your decision!.


This program, Paradigm Profit-Share Program is one of the benefits leg of Jobs4Profit which is a subsidiary business of Paradigm Ministries International. Paradigm is a NFP (Not-For-Profit ministry association). It is the major company of the entire conglomerate.

This program, Paradigm Profit-Share Program is one of the benefits legs of Jobs4Profit which is a subsidiary business of Paradigm Ministries International. if you have not joined the jobs4profit-usa and would like fewer assigned tasks click the above banner. but be advised the membership to this profit-share program is strictly limited!

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