Paradigm Profit-Share  Program

A Symbiosis For Financial Independence!

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Should you decide that you would like to forego any risk whatsoever and establish for yourself an ongoing residual income of UP TO $1,000,000 US per year for the rest of your life, then please complete the following form so that we can record your involvement and establish the customary tax information so that we can eliminate our tax responsibilities. Remember $1,000,000 per year for up to 1 million people translates into a trillion dollars annually and we are not going to get stuck with a tax liability bill of that magnitude as far as taxes are concerned. Each January, as a participant, you will receive a 1099 form indicating the amount of our profits shared with you so that Uncle Sam doesn't try to hold us responsible for that much income.


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in the sections labeled: "US members . . . " and "Int. members . . ." depending upon your participation status


include the membership IDs you were assigned when you joined requested programs (steps 1 & 2 for U.S. and 10 programs for international participants). these memberships must be created through our links otherwise your codes are invalid as to requirements of this program! under our links.

This is to ensure you meet qualification requirements so you may be paid.


Also YOU MUST JOIN, if you haven't already PayPal, both SolidTrustPay, and WiredPay payment gateways are optional, you must join paypal, however, because

Payza DOES NOT PAY in Texas (Although they are headquartered in Texas . . . . go figure!) and we need another option through which

to pay if you are residing in Texas.

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