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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm sure you are concerned about this program and you may have questions you would like addressed before making a decision. That is what this page is for. Some have already expressed requests for additional clarification and below are the response to those questions. How this page is used is that the questions asked are in RED and the responses are in GREEN


Should you find yourself not completely satisfied with the various questions and/or responses and do not find yours listed here, please feel free to make your quires known through our "Contact Us" link in the top menu.


Wishing all the best and very prosperous lives today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your lives.


How old do I need to be to be a member? Because of IRS legalities you must be an age of at least the legal age for entering into contracts, so to be safe we restrict membership participation level to 18 years or older.


Why do I have to join the programs from your banner links? Simple, by so doing this is where the investment funds come to be able to pay you the amounts we promise here as well as to fund the many other programs of Paradigm Ministries International. Your participation provides us with referral bonuses that we place into the investment pool. We need $100 million to accomplish all that we need to do. Also, since this is Profit-Share program your compliance with our requirements is going to help to make the profits that we will be sharing.


Can any one participate? No for several reasons. First, the membership is LIMITED to 1 million people. Second, you must be a citizen of the United States of America or a LEGAL resident (must have VERIFIABLE documentation establishing legal residency status). For International residents wishing to participate the problem is that you MUST pay for the programs we direct you to. We suggest you try some of our other programs for annual incomes at NO costs. Following is a list of them: TheOneGiftWonder, Jobs4Profit-International, Free4All to name a few. Granted the annual distribution income is not at this level or at the Jobs4profit-USA level, but anything is better than nothing.


When do I get paid? The program is designed to make the initial payment within 45 days following the last card activation of the acquisition of the last member of the target membership is attained. If that occurs BEFORE the end of a calendar year it will do so. All subsequent distribution will occur the  first Monday of the SECOND FULL WEEK of each January then on.


Let me try to illustrate that for you:


                                                                                               GOAL --- DISTRIBUTION


                                                              45 days FOLLOWING Target Membership --- $10,000.00 per Member

                                                    FIRST January FOLLOWING Initial Distribution 

--- $100,000 per Member

                               Subsequent Januarys FOLLOWING First January Distribution 

--- $1,000,000 per Member


Hey, I thought this was supposed to be free, what's with the $40 bucks? Ah . . .  "hello Macfly" . . . the $40 is NOT an investment . . . it is a D-E-P-O-S-I-T-E! When you put money in the bank . . . do you LOSE control over it? Do you LOSE it?! Well this is the same thing! You are not paying ANYTHING  to anyone . . . That is other than to your self. In fact IF you choose to load YOUR card with the $40 through 7-eleven (you have heard of them haven't you) they will charge you $3.95 to complete the task. Oh . . . I forgot when you load the card netSpend GIVES you $20 in addition so you IMMEDIATELY get a $20 profit for DEPOSITING money onto YOUR card which is a $16.05 NET profit!  So you are ACTUALLY earning money to DEPOSIT money onto YOUR card. Please for give my candor, but I am amazed with the shallow thinking of the human rationale at times. My old college professor Dr. McKay was right when he said . . . OFTEN that some "people are born in the objective case and live in the kickative mood." I am trying to help out this economy and the pocketbooks of a good number of Americans. If you are going to allow a $40 DEPOSIT to interfere with an annual residual return of AT LEAST $100,000 a year (first year only), then by all means do so and let someone else avail him/herself of this opportunity. I am trying to make this opportunity as painless as possible, however, if you choose to by-pass this one then in a year from now try to console yourself with the fact that you $3.95 stand in the way of AT LEAST $100,000 a year FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE escape through your fingers! Okay this opportunity DOES require you to move some money . . . BUT it is STILL your money and you STILL have control over it. How many scams out there can make that claim? Just so there is no confusing this requirement is that you PAY yourself $40.00, once that is done you earn an additional $20 making your net woth with just this action $60.00. Do you understand YOU PAY US NOTHING . . . EVER!


Why is the US only free? If by that statement you mean why are the United States and LEGAL U. S. residents free to participate in the program . . . . the simple answer is that EVERYONE, whether U.S. or International IS FREE TO PARTICIPATE. The program charges no one a cent to participate in the program. IN OTHER WORDS: "YOU NEVER PAY US A PENNY! WE ARE GIVING THIS PROGRAM TO ANY AND ALL WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE! WE ARE NOT CHARGING YOU A CENT TO PARTICIPATE!The ASSIGNMENTS, however, that U.S. citizens and LEGAL U.S. residents are free because the program providers are set up that way. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THEIR OPERATIONS AND/OR THEIR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. If we could find comparable International programs that would allow what the U.S. assigned programs do we would use them. IF you know of some please send them to us. We will join them as YOUR direct referrals AND NOT require you to RE-JOIN them as OUR direct referral. The respective assignments such as netSpend, InstantRewards, ZNZ, and so on are limiting themselves as to who can participate in their respective programs. Understand that we receive considerable referral bonuses once our referrals complete their specified tasks.


How does joining a bunch of programs make me a million dollars? It can't! You are being employed by us as a sub-contractor. The referral bonuses we receive from your activities allows us to do the investing that will allow us to create the conglomerate from which your annual residual will come.


How can you do this? Very simple, we will use the bonuses we receive from your joining an participating in the listed programs to develop an investment pool of enough money to invest in International Currency. Our traders have been doing this for more than 30 years and have become quite proficient. The $100 million will allow Michael and the others to leverage amounts into more than enough money to fund all the programs and businesses of Paradigm Ministries International. For THIS program, however, the money used to pay you your annual benefits will come from the annual profits of all of our businesses and programs, including one of the largest financial services company in the world to be known as: Paradigm Financial Services International.


What exactly are we doing? To be as succinct as possible. You are making money through your activity. As such your participation is helping us gather the funds need to create the largest conglomeration of businesses, programs, and services in the world. Once the core of these programs is in place our ANNUAL projected income after the FIRST year of operation will EXCEED 3 TRILLION dollars. Our commitment is to share 1 trillion of those annual prceeds with you, the membership who made this all possible, every year for the rest of your lives! Simply, that translates into 1 million dollars per member annually. If you are a U.S. citizen this is yours ABSOLUTELY free! If you are not a U.S. citizen then your ability to participate in the program will be limited to your complying by join PAID programs and spending the 3 hour per week requirement making money for yourselves through those programs. EVERYTHING you do through this program will generate income for you, we are just going to share what we earned through your activities with you to the tune of an additional 1 million dollars.


This is a scam... right?! Let me ask you, HOW MUCH MONEY AM I ASKING OF YOU? The answer is ZERO making your risk ZERO. How many scams of which are you aware that do not REQUIRE some form of investment and make you take some kind of risk? Frankly there is no way for me to prove to you that this is not a scam until initial payments are made, but you are risking nothing. Not even the $40 you load onto YOUR Debit MasterCard. And since you are able to load those cards at a local 7-eleven that should tell you something of AT LEAST the validity of that aspect as well, that is unless 7-eleven plans to skip out on you without a notice. As for International participants the same is true . . . we are NOT asking you to pay us anything. We are, however, asking you pay to join the programs we direct you to.


What does Target Membership mean? The simplest way to explain is that this program is open to any and all who would wish to participate whether U. S. or International. Its membership, however, is strictly limited. The target membership is 1 million ACTIVE members, meaning that ALL membership requirements are met and weekly requirements are as well. That Target amount is 1 million.


How many membership can I have? ONLY ONE! Your household may have as many as those who fit the requirement. So you may have more than one per household.


Is this some kind of scam? I am amazed at how many times this question comes up in some form. I guess what really amazes me is what those asking it expect in response. Who is going to tell one that their program is a scam? In all actuality there is no way to know if something is a scam or not until after the fact. There, however, some flags that may assist in pre-determining whether or not one is. How much money am I asking you to send us? The answe . . . NONE! Scams generally want your money in advance. Our program not only does not ask for money in advance we don't EVER ask you for a cent! The requirement of loading a debit card with $40 may suggest to some that this is a scam. However, consider the facts. What we are asking you to do is similar to asking you to put money in your own bank account. That is, in effect, what you are doing . . . opening YOUR OWN account, having the card IN YOUR possession AT ALL TIMES and loading, if you so choose, through a reputable business like 7-11. Then having immediate and SOLE access to the funds you add and also having received an additional $20.00 to use AS YOU SEE FIT! Doesn't sound too much like a scam. But just for the sake of arguing let's say that it is. Ask yourself what are you risking and what are you losing? The answer is NADA, Zip, zilch. But for the opposite side what if this is TRUE, then what have you lost? The answer is just as simple . . . AT LEAST $100,000 a year for the rest of your life! Look, you don't know me from Adam, or Eve for that matter, I am trying to help out this financial crisis those in power and acting out of recalcitrance and unparalleled greed have caused. Before I finish what I am doing 1/3 of the US population will have a residual income of $25,000 annually for life. You just need to deciide is ZERO $0.00 too much to risk? If it is then thanks for the time and concole yourself later when you discover you had the opportunity to deal a crashing blow to your financial difficulties.


Why do I have to have a payza account? That is the gateway through which we will make each distribution. Why? Because Payza is much easier to work with than PayPal and it is easier for you to get an account with them. If, however, you live in Texas, we will make accommodations for you.


How do I get paid? I believe that has already been answered, however, to re-iterate payments are made SOLELY (Texas participants excepted) through Payza.


How can you promise what you do not have yet? As I said in another response, "You don't know me from Adam . . . " Simply put. This is an attempt to develop the funds we need to invest in International currencies. My friend Michael is the head of a group of investors who can turn major profit returns in a relatively short period of time. If we can get the money together with which to do that, then, base upon the success his father (the developer) has done for OVER 30 years, we will have the needed funds annually to make the payments to you. IF, however, we are not successful in our investments, WHAT HAVE YOU LOST because of our failure . . . . ABSOLUTELY nothing. We are not asking you for a penny, just that you deposit funds into YOUR Debit card account plus two other activities which ALSO cost you nothing but ALL OF WHICH will earn you money by their nature. As I see it you are ahead even before a payment is maid. As Michael me this opportunity is true. Whether it is or is not will be revealed after-the-fact. It simply is an act of hope and faith on your part. While it is true that all the businesses have NOT be started, they will be with your helAnd by helping us, you will help yourself.


Can my wife be a member? Yes, as long as the spouse has a separate Payza account and a different membership email. Also, due to requirements of programs like ZNZ and InstantRewards etc, you will also need to find more than one computer with a different I.P. address. The public library will suffice as will an account at your work or Internet Cafe. This them not us!


This sounds too good to be true! Well . . . everyone is entitled to her/his opinion. But that statement has been over used and has brain-washed us to thinking that there is no one out there who is philanthropic enough to help. Frankly if we are successful in raising the investment funds through the actions you make on the Internet our residual annual income will be in the trillions and we simply will not need all that. So our intent is to share the wealth and by so doing make considerable strides to repair the economy and keep the problems from ever happening again or minimize the possibilities. The very notion expressed is what have kept some from actually getting out from under the piles of financial depression. Don't get me wrong, there are countless frauds and scams out there, however, they usually are easy to spot. The basic characteristic is money asked to transfer from your hands to theirs. In this situation THAT DOES NOT OCCUR. That should tell you something in itself. But I am not going to bend your arm. You need to make up your own mind. If you believe that this opportunity is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then don't waste your time. You will probably not do what you need to do to me requirements and help yourself.


What if I am a member in any of these programs? Look, this is a profit-share program and to participate you must help in developing the profits. If you already have membership in any of the required and they ALLOW you to have more than one position/membership then there is no problem. If, however, participation in any allow ONLY ONE membership, then you must decide whether or not it would be financially best for you to keep your membership or to participate in this program. You MUST join each program through OUR link. Sorry, however, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS . . . unless you have joined any from our other programs.


Do I have to live in the United States? No, as long as you can complete the requirements of the various programs and have a VALID tax ID number either SSN, EIN, or TIN. You may live where ever you wish. We do not make the restrictions it is the various programs you are being sent to.


Can I transfer the benefits? Yes, as long as the legalities are taken care of by you with notarization.This may be in your will. If you wish to transfer the benefits while you are still alive you MUST complete a quit Claim along with your legal responsibilities. However, you may not transfer your benefits to another person who also is a member.


How come it costs $40 bucks? Sometimes I wonder whether or not people read these FAQs. You are PAYING YOURSELF $40, in effect you are EARNING $20.00 to PAY YOURSELF $40.00 to load a FREE Debit MasterCard that you ordered from netSpend! If you have taken the 7-eleven option to load your card 7-eleven will charge you $3.95 as a service fee. So IN THAT CONTEXT you are paying ONLY $3.95 to participate in this program, however, YOU MADE $16.05 to PAY YOURSELF $40.00. The money is yours you can go spend the $60.00 on your card and close the account if you desire.


Why do I have to fill out a W9 or W8? Because we are paying out a very large amount of money annually. If we cannot transfer the responsibility to you for taxes then we must take care of that income. Therefore you will receive an annual 1099 so that the IRS knows your benefit is no longer OUR tax liability. Thus the tax liability is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

I thought this suppose to be free, why are there pay jobs, your ad said the program was free? The program Paradigm Profit-Share Program (PP-SP) is FREE to join. We require NO payments to us of any kind. Contingent upon your locale of residents the assignments MAY have some pay requirements associated with participating in them. THAT IS THEIR REQUIREMENT NOT OURS! If you are a U.S. citizen or LEGAL resident of the United States you will incur no assignment costs. If not then some assignments have costs associated with your participation. We apologize, however, such is out of our control or purview.

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