Paradigm Profit-Share  Program

A Symbiosis For Financial Independence!

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You are being invited to participate in a unique Profit-Share Program of a conglomerate organization that you will help create because of your participation. In short you are helping us to help you. If you are a U.S. citizen OR if you are a LEGAL resident of the United States you may participate in this program AR ZERO* COST! The "*" has already been address, however, to triterate one of the activities you will be required to do is to procure a FREE Debit MasterCard and load it with $40.00. The money always remains IN YOUR CONTROL and at your disposal. The process YOU opt to use to load the card MAY cost you a MAXIMUM of $3.95 as a fee charged by 7-eleven. This is your ONLY cost, however, it really should not be considered as such since IMMEDIATELY when you load your card the card provider will ADD $20.00 to your initial balance giving you a $60.00 balance instead of a $40.00 balance . . . so I wouldn't sweat the $3.95 too terribly much. Also this program is also open to anyone Internationally (Please note that proper, viaable, and verifiable tax information will be required of you BEFORE you receive ANY monetary distributions from us! Why?! We have to explain to our tax authorities where that much money is going so we can MINIMIZE our tax liabilities.

The drop-down menu above will take you to the appropriate page based upon you status of residence. In addition to the initial required actions the page: "Weekly Compliance" contains the weekly required participation acts you are REQUIRED to perform for ONE FULL YEAR. Participation in stipulated programs falls under your purview after the year of compliance is reached. Buy consider, participation in any translates into EXTRA money FOR YOU!

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