Paradigm Profit-Share  Program

A Symbiosis For Financial Independence!

So you want to be a millionaire . . . well join the club. This, however, is your BEST and probably ONLY GUARANTEED* and real opportunity to do exactly that. IF you join our program and IF we are able to gather together 1 million ACTIVE participating members YOU WILL receive an annual distribution of UP TO $1,000,000 FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! This IS NOT a hoax but a REAL opportunity to finally secure your financial independence by participating in our Profit - Share Program. As an ACTIVE member you will begin receiving an annual distribution of $1 million by January of the THIRD year. the first distribution occurs Forty-five days following the placement and compliance of the 1 millionth ACTIVE member the FIRST distribution of NOT LESS than $10,000 WILL be received. Then subsequently, contingent upon when that first distribution is made. your second distribution will occur the Monday of the first full week of the subsequent January following the first distribution. your annual distribution of up to $1 million until you die will take place the third year following the initial distribution! that is if you complete your weekly work requirement! The best part is that IF you are a U.S. citizen (18 years or older at date of joining) or a LEGAL resident (possessing VIABLE and CURRENT immigration papers) this program is NOT GOING TO COST YOU A PENNY*!!! If you came to this site from our sister site jobs4profit-usa you have already completed the requirements to apply and become a member of our profit-share program. if, however, you were referred to this site or you were directed here from one of our advertisements then you must complete the assigned activities to be eligible for program and subsequent distributions!

Hello, My name is Mark C. Pendleton. I am a Christian, a minister, an evangelist, an educator, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a former write-in candidate for President of the United States in 2012, a current candidate for 2016. I have a bone to pick and and something to prove and I need your help to prove it. Before I am finished I am going to end this recession. I am therefore INVITING you to participate in my program to begin the process of restoration and to show you that there are other ways to REPAIR and RESURRECT this country from the financial ruin thrust upon us since BEFORE 2009 when the effects of the disparity reared its ugly head. I am going to do this, with the help of my colleagues, to make things better in this country and throughout the world. You are going to be able to read more about me and this program in the "About Us" section. Just suffice it to be said that with your help we are going to make some major changes in this country and throughout the world, and the best part this IS NOT GOING TO COST* YOU A CENT OR HAVE YOU RISK ANY OF YOUR MONEY, IF YOU ARE a LEGAL resident or adult citizen of the United States. 

Now don't get me wrong you will have to place $40.00 into a debit card account that you will own!I this will assist us in reaching our goal but the money is almost negligible and WILL NEVER be out of your control. I, also, am going to ask you to JOIN some FREE Internet programs. again, however, if you came to this site from our sister site jobs4profit-usa you have already met the requirements to become a member of our program. if, however, you were referred to this site or you were directed here from one of our advertisements then you must complete the assigned activities to be eligible for program distributions!

These programs, however, DO NOT REQUIRE you to do anything other than join and will never cost you a cent! So, are you game?! If so, then read on.




So what's this all about. First let me put to rest any concerns that you may have as to the RISK you would incur should you get involved with us. There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK AND NO COST to you IF YOU ARE A U.S. CITIZEN OR LEGAL RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, should you decide to participate in this program.  I am going to make this as painless and Risk less as possible. Below you will find several banner links. All you have to do is click a banner follow their instructions to participate on their program.. The banner is for netSpend. order a FREE Debit Card through the link. upon receiving YOUR card (approximately 7 - 10 business days) load it with $40.00. That's it! one of The quickest way to do this is to go to your nearest 7-eleven convenience store pay $3.95 to load the card. when loaded netSpend will add $20.00 giving YOU a $60.00 balance.  if you want you may earn money by getting your friends and family to do the same THROUGH YOUR ACCOUNT CODE, netSpend will give you $20 for EACH new referral.. if you have a paypal account you can load it that way for considerably lesser fees. It's up to you are set.





Before you complete the DOI you must have some means for us to pay you so you must have a Payza account. You may open one by clicking the banner link below. if you already have one so indicate on the doi.. We will pay ONLY through Payza and paypal. (Texas residents Only! it seems that although payza is headquartered in texas they will not pay in texas . . . go figure.) you will need your account email to complete the DOI.




To be eligible for payments (U.S.) YOU MUST complete the W-9 form with the Internal Revenue Service and you MUST have it in our offices WITHIN 90 DAYS BEFORE first distribution or before 31 December of the year of your joining. the W-9 symbol above is a link to the irs website. fill out the online form. VERY IMPORTANT YOU MUST sign the form IN THE PRESENCE OF A Notary then send ORIGINAL to the following address.

If you ARE NOT  a LEGAL resident of the United States or are a citizen of another country YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING w-8 FORM in order to be paid by us. Click the link below: and mail to the address below. IF YOU WANT TO BE PAID WE MUST HAVE A RECORD FOR OUR TAXES THAT WILL ALLOW US TO REDUCE OUR LAX LIABILITY.




Paradigm Profit-Share Program

c/o Mark C. Pendleton, Chrmn.

548 N 1000 W

Salt Lake City, UT 84116



Be sure to make a copy of the SIGNED W-9 or w-8 document for your records!

Once you have your Payza account click the following banners join each according to their instructions and place your referral ID codes in the appropriate slots on the DOI. That information MUST be included when you submit the DOI. should you opt for the additional $10,000 all the referral codes MUST be included on the DOI. That decision MUST be made BEFORE submitting the completed DOI! if you are a texas resident you must have a paypal account if you want to be paid!


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