Paradigm Profit-Share  Program

A Symbiosis For Financial Independence!

The Conglomerate

As stated your participation in our program will allow us to form one of the largest conglomerate corporations in the world and by so doing you are allowed to share in our annual gross profits of up to $1 TRILLION annually. That translates into $1 million per year for each participant. Based upon our business plan and projected earnings we expect to reach the $3 trillion sales level BEFORE the close of the second year of our operations. Why? 

the world economy is primed to look to us as the remedy for the escalating and excessive costs of foods, services, and opportunities. we have many programs waiting at the cusp of organization. all we lack is the funds with which to accomplish our goals. that is why  why we are approaching you with this opportunity. Your participation will allow us to funds ALL the programs we have slated to introduce on the world scene. I am not at liberty to divulge all businesses that YOU will help us begin, however, our planned enterprises venture into just about every field. For example aerospace (we have prototypes of NON-polluting jet engines), space exploration (we HAVE designs of directed force propulsion systems (anti-gravity) along with electro-gravitic propulsion systems.. We have a vacation club on the docket that is going to allow just about anyone to enjoy AT LEAST one luxury vacation every year for the rest of their lives. Also we have programs THAT WILL provide insurance coverage to anyone seeking coverage who were, due to prior existing conditions, were not able or allowed coverage. Frankly, once we introduce ourselves to the world Obama-Care and other such programs will be passe since our medical insurance program, once vested, will provide individual medical and dental coverage for singles for ONLY $450.00 ANNUALLY and $650 per family. Vestment takes 12 consecutive premium pays of LESS than $279.00 per month. Our auto insurance is slated to cover over  2 billion people in as little as 2 years. The food industry is also on our performance horizon. The future is bright and YOU are at the precipice of opportunity to share in the rewards lying in wait for our program. Our mortgage program will redesign the way one purchases a house and allows ALMOST anyone the opportunity to purchase a house. We have a lending program that eliminates CREDIT approval. A retirement program that requires ONLY a $100 initial contribution and compounds over 20 years affording the owner a SIX FIGURE retirement. We currently are entering into "graphine" research a substance that will revolutionize virtually every facet of electron and stealth technology. The automotive industry, we have a TRUE electric self-generating system that eliminates the needs for recharging and storage piles. We have power generation systems that will provide MORE-THAN-ENOUGH electrical power to run any home for ONLY $10 per month. And so on ad infinitum. The future looks very bright for humanity and your involvement will help this all to come to fruition. BUT we cannot accomplish this WITHOUT your help. All we need is one million active participants working and spending NO MONEY just  hours a week to make this all a reality. And IF you help us make all this a reality we will share the annual profits with you UP TO $1 million dollars per year for the rest of your life (We are working to extend that so that you can add your membership to your estate and will it to whoever you decide).

The parent corporation for all this is our ministry Paradigm Ministries International, which also will be funded through these programs. What you will see is a business model that has people as the bottom-line rather than potential income. If we meet the needs of people, people will naturally gravitate to us for peace and security.

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