Paradigm Profit-Share  Program

A Symbiosis For Financial Independence!

aS PART OF YOUR REQUIREMENT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE REWARDS OF TJIiS PROGRAM YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN SEVERAL PROGRAMS OF OUR CHOOSING ON A WEEKLY basis. YOUR TIME REQUIREMENT IS ONLY 3 HOURS PER WEEK OF ALL THE PROGRAMS, HOWEVER, THAT REQUIREMENT IS NOT MUTABLE. THREE HOURS MINIMUM PER WEEK OR YOU DO NOT SHARE IN THE BOUNTY! Actually, the time requirement is not burdensome and it will not interfere with any other career. Besides where else could you earn a million dollars per year with only a weekly commitment of 3 hours. The programs are all international which means that anyone in the world can join. The best part of this requirement is that THEY ARE ALL FREE to join and to work Another perk is that EACH, as you work, provides YOU with additional income.
The Programs
Notice the image to the right. That is there to encourage you to participate. As you participate in the prescribed programs that you will earn a residual income based upon your activity in each program. There, however, is ONE stipulation: YOU MUST JOIN EACH PROGRAM UNDER US! There is NO EXCEPTION to this rule. You are going to share in the profits and you are therefore GOING TO HELP GENERATE THOSE PROFITS! What this means to you is that IF you ALREADY have an account WITH ANY of the following AND THEY DO NOT ALLOW YOU MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT . . . YOU MUST cancel your membership and rejoin through our link UNLESS to joined any through any of our other programs!
Following are the instructions YOU MUST follow in-order-to be in compliance with responsibilities to receive your annual distribution. FAILURE TO COMPLY MEANS AN AUTOMATIC FORFEITURE OF DISTRIBUTION BENEFITS! REMEMBER a MINIMUM of 3 hours weekly MUST be exercise with all programs COMBINED! You may spend more if you wish. Weekly compliance MUST be met for a TOTAL of 365 days following your matriculation into the program/ But consider the more you participate in each program the more money you earn, however, after a year the decision is up too you Compliance instructions are from right-to-left and from top-to-bottom. For your convenience the program name is colored matched with each programs as well as possible. Please note that some require ONLY that you join. 


Join as free member, read daily emails, and perform additional activities like



Join as free member and complete ONE FREE offer weekly.



Same as InBoxDollars



Same as InBoxDollars



 Join  as FREE member and read daily emails and do assignments.


 Join as a FREE member and do surveys as provided (NOTE: surveys are sporadic, check site daily)


Same as InBoxDollars



 Join as FREE member and play at least  ONE GANE WEEKLY.


 Join as FREE member and perform provided daily tasks.


 Join as FREE member and earn cash as provided.


Join as FREE member and perform opts provided.


 Join as FREE member and earn as instructed.


 Join as FREE member and work according to directions to earn.



Join as FREE member and download software. Follow instructions to earn money.


Complete ONE survey daily.



 Join as FREE member.


Join as FREE member and perform as directed by program.



Join as FREE member and share to build shares.


Join as FREE member and perform as directed by program.

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